“Thank you,” He glanced at Elliot, meeting into his sparkling crystal blue eyes. For a moment Leo wanted to just continue to stare at them—get lost in them.

But he had to focus, he needed to finish playing the song. He worked hard on composing this song for his friend, and he would proudly present it. Yet, still he was still distracted by those piercing lapis lazuli eyes in his mind, still staring at him from under his close lids. The light but mesmerizing touch of his hand, hardened like the swordsman he was, hardened like a true man. If only he could feel them again. Feel the coarse touch on his face—

What was he thinking? Leo shouldn’t be thinking about something like that! especially on Elliot’s birthday. He should finish his song and wish his friend a ‘happy birthday’ again and get him a cake or something…

But Leo wanted to do more than just that—much more. Yet, I can’t tell him that.  The servant thought to himself as he glanced again at his master, while his hands subconsciously moved along the keys—playing the song he knew by heart.

Elliot opened his eyes, just in time to catch and hold Leo’s gaze. The piece was beautiful; truly, it was. It was a great honor to know that it’d been created with no one other than him in mind, because Leo was a musical genius whether he acknowledged it or not. However, right then and there, the song wasn’t his focus; it was the composer.

Did Leo know just how beautiful he looked? How tempting? Did he know how desperately Elliot wanted to run his hands through that messy black hair, or how maddening it was to remain so close? Did he know how alluring those slender fingers were, or how Elliot’s very soul seemed to cry out for even the smallest taste of anything that was Leo?

Unconsciously, Elliot moved in just a little closer, being drawn in by both the beautiful melody and the boy that was playing it. He wanted to kiss Leo, even though he knew he shouldn’t. But…

You’re always looking at me, Leo, he thought, and decided to lean in all the way to press his lips to Leo’s own. Just what do you see…?

(Do you see what I feel for you? Do you understand these shameful emotions…?)

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